Tama Zoological Gardens

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Entrance and ticket office close 1 hour prior to closing time.

Visitor Information

Hours and Days Open

Tama Zoo opens 9:30 to 17:00 (tickets sold until 16:00) and closes every Wednesday (closes Thursday if Wednesday is a public holiday).

*The zoo closes from December 29 through January 1.


Adults (16-64) 600 yen
Seniors (65+) 300 yen
Students (13-15) 200 yen
Children (0-12) Free

*Free for junior high school students living in Tokyo or attending schools in Tokyo.

*Groups of 20 or more paying individuals are entitled to a 20% discount providing the group enters together through one entry at one time.

*Free admission for the disabled, and one assistant per disabled person.

*The admission is free on May 5 (Tama Zoo's Anniversary Day), May 4 (Greenery Day), and October 1 (Tokyo Citizens' Day).

We now accept the following payment methods at staffed ticket windows.
- Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, and Discover)
- e-money (Suica and all Suica-compatible IC transit cards)

payment methods

*As of 9/2019, we are unable to process the above payment types at our automated ticket machines. However, we expect to have them equipped to do so in the near future.

*Please note that we are unable to add funds to IC transit cards at the park.

Guest Services

Gift shops, snack bars and restaurants. Free "Silver Shuttle" buses circulate through the rugged "Asiatic Area" from 10:00am to 3:50pm (visitors over 65, the disabled and their assistants have priority for riding).

Lion Bus

The Lion Bus service is now suspended due to construction. We are sorry it is not yet decided when the service will be resumed.


We don't have parking lots. There is a toll one in front of the zoo, but it is advised that you take trains on holidays and weekends.

Directions & Contact

Location and Directions

Tama zoo is located in Hino City, suburbs of Tokyo.

A. From Keio Line's Shinjuku Station, take the express train, change trains at Takahata-Fudo station, and get off at Tama Dobutsu Koen Station (about an hour's ride).

B. From Tachikawa Station, take the Tama Monorail, and get off at Tama Dobutsu Koen Station. (about 20 minutes' ride).

*We have no parking lots, but there are toll ones in the vicinity.



Tama Zoo,
7-1-1, Hodokubo,
Tokyo 191-0042, Japan



About Tama Zoo

Tama Zoological Park, one hour from central Tokyo by train, is a unique zoological park, where animals are displayed under naturalistic and spectacular habitats set up in its vast land of 52 ha (129 acres). The zoo has three ecological areas, i.e., the Asiatic Garden, African Garden and Australian Garden, and the Insectarium.

In the eastern part of the Asiatic Garden, we display Japanese animals such as sika deer, Yezo brown bear, Japanese macaques and Japanese serows. Asiatic elephants, Indian rhinoceroses, Malayan tapirs, tigers and lesser pandas are exhibited in the western part of the Asiatic Garden.

In the African Garden we display the African elephants, Chimpanzees, Lions and Cheetahs. You can also enjoy the savannah-style enclosure of giraffes and great white pelicans. The Lion Bus is closed since April 1st 2017, due to reconstruction.

In commemoration of the twinning of Tokyo and the State of New South Wales, Australia, the Australian Garden was constructed in 1984 and koalas have been displayed since then at Tama Zoo. In 1988, the large Insectarium is completed, where various and rare insects are bred and exhibited.


The African Garden:

Reticulated giraffes, Grevy's zebras, scimitar oryx, ostriches, white pelicans, lions, servals, cheetahs, African elephants, chimpanzees, etc.

The Asiatic Garden:

Amur tigers, snow leopards, lesser pandas, Korean wolves, Indian rhinoceroses, Asiatic elephants, Pere David's deer, reindeer, mouflons, Przewalski's wild horses, golden takins, Malayan sun bears, Malayan tapirs, orang utans, scarlet ibises, hermit ibises, straw-necked ibises, Caribbean flamingoes, eagle owls, golden eagles, white-tailed sea eagles, Steller's sea eagles, etc.

The Insectarium:

Blue grassy tigers, common grass yellows, fireflies, flower mantises, stag beetles, dragonflies, tiger beetles, etc.

Japanese animals:

Japanese macaques, Japanese wild pigs, raccoon dogs, sika deer, red-crowned cranes, Oriental white storks, etc.

The Australian Garden:

Koalas, common brushtail possums, red kangaroos, emus, laughing kookaburras, etc.