About Inokashira park Zoo

Inokashira Park Zoo is located in a suburb of Tokyo. It consists of “Zoo Area” and “Aquatic Life Park.” The former includes the animal zone and Sculpture Museum, and the latter includes the water bird exhibits and an aquarium located by Inokashira Pond.

The park, which still retains the remnants of the impressive old growth forest of Musashino, displays a total of more than 170 animal species with a focus of native Japanese species such as the Japanese squirrel and the Japanese serow as well as exotic species from around world such as the Fennec fox and the African crested porcupine. Their distinct characteristics may inspire children to have a lifelong interest in wildlife. In addition, various attractions such as Wild Grass Garden, Camellia Garden, Sculpture Museum and Japanese Garden are scattered around the park and show various seasonal expressions.

Contributing to the conservation of wildlife is one of the major roles of a zoo. At Inokashira Park Zoo, we are committed to the accumulation of breeding techniques for the ex-situ conservation of endangered native species such as the Tsushima leopard cat, Japanese fire belly newt, Black-faced spoonbill and Tokyo salamander.